Please take a moment to see the history of our community

In 2009, a core group of Alumni decided to join force of Lebanese alumni under an umbrella association that gathers all U.S. Department of State alumni in Lebanon. After several brainstorming session and consultations, a group of eight members was elected to pursue the mission of founding the Lebanese State Alumni community (LSAC). The founding committee members were: Dr. Claudia Abi Nader, Ms. Alia Habli, Mr. Fadi Hajj, Ms. Fadia Abou Ghanem, Mr. Georges Boustani, Ms. Hanan El Jurdi, Me. Joe Karam and Mr. Mehdi Kanso


On March 2, 2009, the members of the Founding Committee and the Alumni Coordinator at the U.S. embassy Ms. Nancy Stephan held an official meeting at the U.S Embassy in Beirut to set approve and sign the LSAC by-laws.


On October 8, 2010, the Lebanese State Alumni Community (LSAC) was launched in the presence of the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly. The launching ceremony was held at the Holiday Inn hotel in Beirut where hundreds of Alumni gathered. Ambassador Connelly congratulated the State alumni for this important mile and the new elected executive board members.


The executive board, elected that night, steered the LSAC for years 2011-2012 and the members were:
Ms. Pia Zeinoun, Dr. Ziad Fahed, Mr. Fadi Hajj, Mr. Matthew Francis, Ms. Rula Helou, Mr. Mazen Chehabeddine, Mrs. Lamees Najem, Mr. Philippe Zgheib, Mr. Roger Ashi and Ms. Mirna Dib.


On October 17, 2012, an event was held at Hilton Habtoor Hotel to inaugurate the LSAC second committee elected to serve for 2012-2014. The ten winning members of the executive board were:
Dr. Ziad Fahed, Mr. Fadi Hajj, Ms. Jessica Moufawad, Ms. Mira Mouawad, Ms. Rawan Yaghi, Mr. Said Bassil, Mr. Tony Darwish, Ms. Melissa Merhbi, Ms. Tatiana Hosny and Mr. Rami Nahas.


On November 19, 2014, an online election was held where the third board was elected to serve for 2014-2016. The ten winning members were:
Ms. Jessica Obeid, Ms. Sylva Akl, Ms. Anna Maria Daou, Mr. Wissam Habchi, Ms. Mira Mouawad, Ms. Aya Yamout, Mr. Said Bassil, Mr. Talal Zeidan, Ms. Saydeh Bousawma and Mr. Rami Nahhas.


On October 2016, the first Alumni National Congress was held, were the new structure of the state alumni network in Lebanon was launched. During this event, 9 regional chapters were launched with their founding committees.
At the end of 2016, the new National Board of LSAC was elected, with representatives from the 9 regional chapters and the Access and YES Alumni committees, serving for 2016-2018. The 11 winning members were:
Ms. Sandy Fahd, Dr. Tony Bader, Dr. Lindos Daou, Mr. Talal Zeidan, Dr. Khouloud Al Khatib, Ms. Fatima Hallal, Ms. Rawan Yaghi, Mr. Khaled Kabbara, Mr. Rami Shamma, Ms. Reem Bazzal and Mr. Khaled Hamadeh.

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